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What is School Loop?


School Loop is a web-based communication system for    K-12 schools.  School Loop was designed with the intent of helping individuals stay in the “loop” regarding school and district news and/or events.  In addition, this program provides visibility and communication to members of a student’s educational team, which includes teachers, administrators, parent/guardians, counselors, staff members, as well as after school support professionals.

The online portal is a place where our students and their families can access important information regarding a teacher’s classroom. They can see information about homework, attendance, and grades at anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection.

WJUSD is pleased to offer this program for free to their students, parents/guardians, teachers, administrators, and members of their learning community.

What is School Loop For?

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Q. How is School Loop going to benefit my child?

      School Loop was founded on the idea that by involving additional adults who care about a student’s livelihood, we can increase the likelihood of that student staying in school, being successful, and graduating. School Loop does this by notifying these caring adults about important events involving the student, which in turn allows these same adults to intervene when necessary, keeping the student on track to graduation. School Loop Plus provides the tools that allow members of a Learning Management Team to work together to keep students in school and on track.

      For practical reasons, in the "real" world, schools organize students around teachers in classes. We know, however, that helping kids to stay in school requires a student-centric focus that organizes adults around students.  We also recognize that it would be physically impossible to organize this way in reality.  On the other hand, online -- by using team technology and a collaborative architecture -- it's a snap.

      Noticing the trends about a student is hard in massive school systems. Problems, like chronic absenteeism or motivational opportunities (like moving from a D to a C), are nearly impossible to detect.  School Loop is engineered around noticing things and enabling the Learning Management Team to intervene appropriately in order to address small problems before they become big problems.

     Because everyone on the Learning Management Team is informed, redundancy of effort and the loss of important information over time are minimized, resulting in a lower cost for intervention programs.

 Q. Who Can Use School Loop?

      A. Members of the Woodland Joint Unified School District community are welcomed to use School Loop. Members can include teachers, students, parents, guardians, administrators, staff members, and other member of the WJUSD learning community.

Q. Is School Loop free for me to use?

      A.Yes! If your school is using School Loop, you can register and use the program at no cost to you.

Q. How do I find my site’s School Loop page?

     A. Please visit the School Directory webpage to find all schools associated with WJUSD.


New Parents

Dear Parents,

If your new to our school, it is very important that you register for Gibson school loop. Parents and students need to register for school loop. Once you are registered you can get information from school loop. In addition, you are able to get grades, assignments, and email your child's teacher through school loop. Follow the links to register.